admin March 5, 2012

Casserole is back in action in Redhill!


After our initial two-week pilot before Christmas, we took a long look at what we started to learn from the experience, and have been working on developing the next stage of our pilot process ever since! Well today is the day we start that next stage, as we relaunch the active pilot in the Redhill area. But unlike last time, where we used a very controlled group (3 Diners and 7 Cooks), we now want to see Casserole grow and develop with its users, engaging you guys every step of the way for feedback and we continually iterate and refine the service. So from here on out, we are not only looking for people to sign up as Cooks and Diners, but to start using Casserole as a real, working service.

To kick off the relaunch, we’ve given the website a bit of a revamp, added an About Us page and put together some swanky new registration forms with added questions and safeguarding features (like our new referencing process), and we even have a Casserole phone number (020 3286 8911) so that we can learn about and access the growing Casserole community that little bit better. Throughout the pilot we will be organising feedback sessions with users, stage more events like Lunch and Learn and testing out some incentives and rewards (cooking classes anyone?!) and start getting our online community up and active.

Our main goal from now on is to work our way up to 40 Diners and 90 Cooks cooking, eating, and sharing through Casserole by early May. This may seem a little daunting, but we are confident that with the help of the organisations and people who have already been so supportive of the project and putting some serious elbow grease into our connections with the community, we will be able to get there (and who knows, maybe we’ll even pass it!). So please, if you are interested in taking part in Casserole, high-tail it over to the website and get yourself registered, and please help us spread the word!