We create better public services through elegantly designed technology.

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A secure app for better team collaboration around clients

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A simple tool for exploring your social care needs

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Scout directory

Find local services that can help you and your child

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Home cooked food, by neighbours for neighbours

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Innovation Services

Bringing together innovators and ideas to develop new services.

FutureGov's Innovation Services offers public sector organisations the chance to prototype and develop a suite of new tools and services for their service users.

In the face of challenging changes in the public sector landscape, the Innovation Services model allows organisations to test whether an innovation environment is a good approach for those seeking to disrupt traditional organisational structures and delivery models.

We work with a wide range of partners and groups to improve public services and co-create new tools, closely involving service users in the design, development and implementation of proof of concepts.

Current innovation labs include:

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Other products and prototypes

A simple app for complicated personal finances.


A fast, easy way to find local services that can help with financial difficulties


Connecting local public services and organisations with innovators and ideas.


Making the most of young people’s mental health consultations.



Connecting professionals across public services to deliver better results.

Patchwork is the simple and secure web tool to connect professionals working with vulnerable people across many agencies.

Front line practitioners from different organisations can access the contact details of others working with their clients, quickly and easily. Patchwork uncovers the network of people surrounding a client and supports professionals to provide improved and coordinated services.

By helping professionals communicate better across organisations, Patchwork supports the safeguarding of vulnerable people and enables successful multi-agency working.

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Signposting people to the right support for them, based on their need.

Lantern is an easy-to-use web tool that cuts out complicated and lengthy forms for people looking for social care.

The tool guides people through a short questionnaire about their daily life that captures their needs and presents them with a personalised list of recommended support providers in the local area. Those with higher needs can have their answers submitted directly to local social services teams for further assessment.

By enabling users to explore their social care needs as simply as possible, Lantern saves time and resources for social care teams.

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Scout: Local Offer

A fast, easy way to find local services that can help you and your child.

Scout Engine is a powerful, flexible and modern directory that helps professionals and users to find information about statutory services and support in the community.

Scout has been co-designed with staff and residents in Lewes and West Sussex. In West Sussex, we have been working with the council, parent carers and young people to develop a tool focused on special educational needs services, in response to the Children and Families Act 2014 and Local Offer guidance. This tool will help service users and the professionals that support them to find information about services that could help, and to review and give feedback on their experiences.

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Home cooked food,
by neighbours for neighbours.

Casserole Club helps people share extra portions of home-cooked food with others in their area who might not always be able to cook for themselves.

Like a local, community-led takeaway, members serve up meals to their neighbours, getting more people cooking fresh food while strengthening local neighbourhood relationships with every bite.

For those who aren’t online, Casserole Club helps them to order meals and connect with local people.

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About FutureGov

FutureGov works with local authorities to make better public services through the use of elegantly designed technology.

We use our expertise in design, technology and change management to work closely with service users and practitioners. We understand their needs and make solutions that solve their biggest challenges.

Many of our 30-strong team started their careers in local government, and in our five years we have worked with a range of councils including unitaries, districts and counties, across the whole of the UK.

We use our experience of local government to recognise that change can, and must, happen both inside the organisation as well as outside. This is why we work at all levels from community and social innovation outside of government, through to internal organisational change.

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