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We support organisations with digital transformation, service design and community development to build public sector institutions that are catalysts for change in the internet and climate era. Together, we're building on the best of places to organise for change and radically improve outcomes for communities in the 21st century.

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Inspiring people to do more with film and TV

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Developing the Spatial Framework for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc

Better ways to collaborate, collect and use data
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Better Buckinghamshire Programme

Helping make sure Buckinghamshire is a great place to live, raise a family and do business.
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Blackpool’s first climate assembly

Putting residents at the heart of the decision-making processes to address the climate crisis.
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Supporting donors as part of the pandemic response

Working with people who’ve had COVID-19 to donate blood plasma.
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Action for equality

Ensuring all staff have an equal opportunity to develop, progress, be rewarded and recognised at work.
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Engaging residents in shaping the future of their place

Designing and testing a digital site notice with Camden Council
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The Future Northants Programme

A partnership approach to building two new unitary websites
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The Trailblazer Obesity Programme

Supporting communities to create innovative action to address childhood obesity challenges at a local level.
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Investing in children

Placing family voices at the centre of Trafford’s children’s services, focusing on a Children’s Social Care Services Redesign and Children’s Social Care Data.
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Building the foundations for a 21st-century Homes England

Establishing the organisation’s agile change programme as Homes England’s digital transformation partner to build a 21st-century organisation.
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Overcoming data sharing challenges

Working with Camden Council, Central Bedfordshire Council, LOTI and the Greater London Authority to provide residents with the right support.
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Hackney Opportunities

A place-based community platform to help residents find learning and employment opportunities
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Stronger Together Hub

Sustainable and collaborative community support as a COVID response.
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Helping residents pay for care

Improving the financial assessment experience in Kent
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Young people's mental health

Embedding user-centred design methods with local trust teams to improve outcomes
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Transforming the vision for Adult Social Care

Defining the adult social care case for change
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NHSX AI Lab Strategic Partnership

Using design principles to accelerate the safe adoption of AI in health and care
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A radical approach to public health

Working with communities to build a reflective model for COVID-19 recovery
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Tools for innovation skills

Helping public servants understand and develop their skills
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Service recipes for charities

Adapting LocalGov Patterns for the voluntary sector
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Supporting the transition to a single unitary authority

Providing insight and governance of Buckinghamshire Council's change programme
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Redesigning benefits and housing needs

Creating a service supported by flexible modern technology
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Our Family Health

Creating a digital weight management tool for children & families
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Transforming waste services

Building new systems, skills and partnerships to deliver results
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Creating design practitioners in local government

Finding social value in the planning process
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Designing the future operating model of The Union

Integrating NELC and NELCCG to provide seamless health and social care
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Understanding resident need in a crisis

Supporting Camden Councils response to COVID-19
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Improving children’s social care through digital and technology

Taking a holistic view of the digital and technology landscape to enable better information sharing
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Reproductive health and HIV

Discovery into the opportunity for a human-centred Greater Manchester digital service
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Developing a National Access Point

Improving transport data discoverability with the right digital infrastructure
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A vision beyond housing in Rochdale

Co-designing a Connected Services Model to provide access to stable homes
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Prevention-led student support

Designing a joined-up experience for students
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Trafford modernisation programme

Developing new methods for Trafford Council to support the community
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Redesigning the prospective adopter’s experience

Designing an improved digital adoption platform
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Good Work Camden

Helping residents to secure and sustain good work
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Building a digital PPE management tool

Supporting North East London to keep staff safe during a pandemic
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The future experience of financial assessments

Understanding existing economic processes to improve adult social care experiences
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Helping citizens find support

Designing a digital front door for adults services
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Using data to improve viability assessments

Evaluating viability assessments to negotiate more affordable housing
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Building a neighbourhood assembly

A citizen-led approach to health and wellbeing
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Designing waste services

Using waste data to identify and enhance waste demand and cost-saving targets
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50 services for 1001 municipalities

Making 500+ digital services accessible online for citizens
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Supporting children with special educational needs

Meeting growing demand for improved children’s services in Kent
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Redesigning finance and place services in Stockport

Building better services for citizens with more cost-effective solutions
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Developing a shared vision for health & social care

Adult services in North East Lincolnshire
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Service patterns in local government

Identifying service patterns to design more consistent and familiar user experiences across the council
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People-centric social care case management tools, radically rethinking children’s social care
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Rural transport, on demand

Bringing digital innovation to the transport network for rural residents of Essex & Suffolk
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Building the Essex Digital Approach

Design-led transformation across council services
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Organisation change for better resident experiences

Exploring opportunities to create positive impact in the community
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The Pioneer service

Designing and implementing a new specialist fostering service
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Human-centred approach to family violence

Improving the end-to-end experience of applicants obtaining a Family Violence Intervention Order
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Redesigning day services

Rethinking services for people with dementia and learning disabilities
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Redesigning early action, prevention and targeted support

Designing a new service that encompassed seven different areas and supports residents
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Introducing a culture of digital innovation

Building a digital-first organisation as Medway Council's digital transformation partner
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Adults' and children's digital front door

Redesigning the front door to social care for adults and children’s services
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Capability building for NGO's

Creating training and workshops on human-centred design and design thinking
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Doc Ready

Helping young people prepare to discuss mental health with their GP
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Family violence research

Co-designing solutions to drive systemic change across family violence services
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New technology to support child protection
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An easy-to-use web tool that allows people to identify their own social care eligibility
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Digital skills transfer in York

Transferring skills focused on user-centred design and product design techniques
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Casserole Club

A platform for volunteers to share home-cooked food with people in their area
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Helping people at the frontline of public services connect and collaborate better
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