Essex County Council (ECC) has a vision to be a digital leader in the sector. However, they needed to understand where they were, where they wanted to go and how to get there.


We reviewed current strategies and processes, ran digital maturity exercises, and engaged the corporate management team and cabinet in articulating their ambition.

We also delivered three service exemplars allowing us to understand challenges and deliver change at the frontline.


delivery exemplars in nine months


staff supported in digital discovery

Building on a close working relationship with senior managers, we were able to begin significant organisational change, embedding digital service standards in the corporate strategy and business planning process, defining the digital capability requirement and running skills workshops, hiring an alpha digital delivery team, influencing the corporate restructure and shaping the vision for an agile, cloud-based approach to technology.


Alongside we’ve also delivered four exemplars to demonstrate digital:

  • SEN Transport (December 2016)
  • Adult Social Care placements (Jan-March 2017)
  • Business Model Redesign Archive Services (March-July 2017)
  • Hospital Discharge - redesigning the interface between Health and Social Care (May 2017 - present)

We helped leaders move digital from being perceived as on the outer edges of the organisation - to shaping the corporate strategy, culture and structure, placing it at the centre.

FutureGov have been hugely influential in how Essex County Council approaches digital. The combination of challenging our strategic thinking with practical direct delivery in service areas has been extremely powerful. Integrating service standards in our organisation strategy, delivering powerful change in transport, archive services and adult social care and helping us build a digital team are just some of the ways we have really felt the tangible benefits.

Gavin Jones

Chief Executive of Essex County Council

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