In 2016, Medway Council set an ambitious goal: “to provide digital services so good that all who can use them prefer to do so.” To move to the next step, Medway looked to involve FutureGov as a digital transformation partner; a team who could support them to become the digital-first organisation they imagined.


Medway asked us to refine their vision into a set of clear principles, to upskill both staff and leadership and to introduce a culture of digital innovation across the council. We also looked to helped them identify new ways of working and the technology needed to achieve their aims.


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We created an updated future vision with design principles and specific goals; service and technical roadmaps to achieve these goals; an innovation lab exploring two practical exemplar projects; and a bespoke four-part digital training for senior leadership. To ensure that Medway had the necessary skills, we also created a final report with clear next steps plotted holistically against a digital maturity model and supported them with the recruitment of digital team members to roll out the exemplar projects.


Over three years, the proposed technical roadmap identified savings of around £2.35 million and the service roadmap identified savings of around £5 million. The digital transformation team now feels confident in using an agile approach to lead digital innovation projects, which reduces risk and increases speed to delivery.

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