Connecting care workers across agencies

Care workers spend a significant amount of time trying to contact people at other agencies -- more than half spend somewhere between one and six hours weekly trying to track their colleagues down.

By connecting professionals across multiple organisations, Patchwork helps make life easier for practitioners -- which means less time spent at their desks and more time spent with their clients.

Patchwork leads to better outcomes, too: when care workers understand the full picture of how their clients interact with public services, it’s much easier for them to coordinate their efforts before situations escalate and interventions are required.

1,894 professionals across the UK and Australia are currently supporting 5,375 clients through Patchwork, enabling a higher quality of care, safeguarding of vulnerable clients and increased productivity for frontline staff.


professionals connected across the UK and Australia


clients receiving better support


agencies networking through Patchwork

When I see a child with bruises, I have a ten minute appointment slot to decide whether I need to raise a concern. With Patchwork, I have instant access to colleagues that can help me make a better decision for the child.



Key features

  • connect with colleagues at other agencies around shared clients
  • better understand how their clients access the social care system
  • share basic information without compromising sensitive case management system data
  • raise concerns around individual clients if and when required

Benefits for local authorities

  • create a simple, secure network of front-line workers in their local area
  • facilitate inter-agency communication and collaboration
  • cut down on wasted time and resources
  • enable a higher quality of care for local residents

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