The population of Wyndham is forecast to increase by over 210,000 residents between 2016 and 2036 –approximately 233 people moving in each week (net). There is a need to move the council towards more sustainable ways of working in order to meet the increased needs of residents and make a positive impact on vulnerable families.


FutureGov worked with Wyndham City Council to review processes, rethink structures and explore opportunities to drive a significant culture and attitude shift within the council to create a greater positive impact in its community.


service areas


SME interviews and discussions


customer interviews and discussions

Through in-depth user research, we provided clear principles to help with their organisation level change and facilitated rapid design challenge sessions to change their attitudes towards collaborative problem-solving.


The insights were used to recommend organisation improvements, technology and service opportunities. We recommended that the council establish an Innovation Lab to push innovation projects forward.

Wyndham City Council is currently building a business case to maintain momentum and take on some of the opportunities for change that we identified.

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