Trafford Council

Trafford Council invited FutureGov to help rethink the shape and purpose of what the council could be, in line with their 2023 Modernisation agenda. Working alongside the Modernisation Team, we developed a roadmap for change that will support Trafford to deliver effectively for residents, businesses and partners across the borough. In June 2020, FutureGov and the Trafford Modernisation Team undertook a stocktake to identify opportunities to build on the new ways of working developed during their COVID-19 response. Following the stocktake, we agreed to run three workstreams, two of which were with Children’s Services, looking at Children’s Social Care Services Redesign and Children’s Social Care Data. We are currently working with the Digital Team to deliver multiple time and cost-saving projects while ensuring the team has the skills to continue their role in the Modernisation Programme.