FutureGovers run a workshop in Trafford Council around a board of post it notes.

Modernising to meet a 21st-century vision

Working with Trafford Council to support the transformation of local service delivery and how the council intended to work in the future.
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FutureGovers run a workshop with presentation on The Union in North East Lincolnshire

Rapidly scaling new approaches in The Union

How the COVID-19 crisis helped The Union change and emerge with a clear sense of what they’re capable of achieving when working together.
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A wall of post-it notes during a brainstorm session at Trafford Council

Creating the conditions for autonomy and decision-making

Working with Trafford Council we've been helping to create alternative processes for increased autonomy and decision-making.
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BFI Digital Transformation Website Discovery Section

Building a digitally-enabled BFI

A year-long digital service redesign as BFI continues to support the film industry and connect people to engaging film, digitally.
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Stockport Council sprint planning

Going beyond digital

We’re helping Stockport Council take human-centred design approaches beyond digital, working together to design better end to end services for the citizens of Stockport.

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Kyrgyzstan new government public services meeting

When change and momentum doesn’t need translation

The United Nations Development Programme invited us to work on government public services.

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FutureGovers run a workshop on a team away day.

More digital transformation

Read about our thinking on all things digital transformation.

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