Rochdale Connected Services Model Diagram

A connected approach to housing allocations and homelessness

We have a once in a generation opportunity to design homelessness services for the 21st century.
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Hackney benefitshousing workshop

Redesigning the Benefits and Housing Needs Service in Hackney

Demand for homelessness and housing services is increasing at an exponential rate and we’ve been working with Hackney Council to collaboratively redesign their Benefits and Housing Needs service.
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A FutureGover leads a presentation to local authorities on viability assessments.

Negotiating more affordable homes

There is a shortage in supply and an increasing demand of affordable housing. A viability checker assessment tool may be one solution for addressing this property challenge.

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A workshop at Homes England.

Waterfall vs agile vs building homes

A comparison between agile methods of working and waterfall ways of working in order to construct properties and become efficient at property development.

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A team member working on a laptop during our viability assessments project with Southwark Council.

Arming councils with data to secure more affordable homes

Sustainably constructing more properties by rethinking viability assessments to increase speed and quality of homes being built is a top priority for the government.

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A team in rochdale brainstorms ways to improve housing in the city.

Rochdale homelessness & housing allocations: sprint 1

This sprint we're designing concepts which can be tested with staff and residents.
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A show and tell in Hackney Council.

Hackney benefits & housing: sprint 1

This sprint session focuses on initial learnings and the plan for the year ahead.
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