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Families and social workers deserve better

It’s time for us all to work in a creative, user-centred way to support the people working hard to improve the lives of families and young people and help keep children safe.
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FutureGovers run a workshop with presentation on The Union in North East Lincolnshire

A 21st-century approach to seamless health and social care

Working with North East Lincolnshire to develop a future operating model for ‘the Union’, a new type of organisation.
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Homepage for Buckinghamshire's adoption website

Supporting people to adopt: one year on

12 months later, we revisit Adoption Ready and our work with Buckinghamshire Council to improve the experience of prospective adopters.

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A FutureGover and Buckinghamshire Council Staff gather around a laptop, showing the new website.

Designing an adult social care digital front door

Working with Buckinghamshire County Council to improve access to quality information and advice when it comes to social care for residents.

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The the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service tool.

Building a better Family Information Service

An effective, sustainable, open-source product for the Buckinghamshire Family Information Service that's using product development and data in a scalable, flexible and transparent way.

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FutureGovers run a workshop on FamilyStory

Improving outcomes for children and families

FamilyStory is an open technology platform of accessible tools, designed to meet the needs of social workers, partner agencies and families.
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The team in Buckinghamshire begin prototyping.

Helping citizens find support

With Buckinghamshire Council, we’ve been working to untangle the different kinds of support on offer to adults in need and developed a new tool.
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FutureGover David gives a presentation.

8 lenses for service transformation

Transformational programmes need focused, structured, incremental steps to reach achievable goals. This appoach will provide opportunities for change and alllow people to solve big, overwhelming challenges.

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Kent financial assessment website view

Helping residents pay for care

Supporting staff and helping vulnerable residents pay for care through Kent County Council's financial assessment service.

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Computer coding technology

Exploring new ways to build digital products

We recently delivered a new “find support near you” tool for Buckinghamshire Council and explored options for redeveloping their adult social care webpages.

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