Consolidating the gains, liberating our imaginations and investing in the journey and transition ahead of us, to build better public services for the 21st century.

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FutureGovers run a workshop on a team away day.

Digital transformation

Most organisations have never been designed. How do we organise in new ways, purposefully structuring internally to match the complex realities of the world in a way that brings everyone closer together, increasing reach, influence and impact.

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Climate protest meeting outside Hackney Town Hall


In a time of climate emergency, it’s more important than ever that we consider how public institutions and communities can work together to build a vision for change.

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COVID-19 Government Advice Booklet


We have within our grasp the opportunity for true radicalism; a limited window to reimagine our public institutions and shape the future of economic, social and political structures.

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Purple background with International Women's Day logo in white.

Women of FutureGov

International Women's Day is a chance for us to celebrate achievements, raise awareness against bias and take action for equality.

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Multiple groups creative design discussion

Design thinking

Our design mindset helps us focus on people. It’s how we reframe problems, enabling us to imagine a better future with improved outcomes for citizens.

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