The power of councils in the climate era

How might we supercharge the local government to build thriving communities as we enter a decade of social and ecological change?
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An empty courtroom style room in a European building

21st-century governance in the climate era

Addressing the current governance challenges and proposing new principles for the climate era, inviting your feedback and ideas.
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People gather for protests on climate action.

We’re declaring a climate and ecological emergency

Climate change has exploded into our collective consciousness and communities came together to take action to protect the environment.

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FutureGover Alex facilitates a workshop.

Better organisations for a better planet

By incorporating a climate lens to our line of questioning, we have an opportunity from day one to uncover unknown problems, surface existing work that may not have great visibility and highlight opportunities.

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A climate protest sign that reads 'there is no planet b'.

How we’re flipping the delivery model — project direction in the climate age

Incorporating a climate lens into the way we support organisations is top of our agenda. This means framing the climate emergency as equal and proportionate to the radical shift we experienced from technology and digital.

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A group of FutureGovers gather around a whiteboard to brainstorm ideas

The climate emergency and delivery management

The role of delivery management in supporting our climate starts with our foundations, the core of what it means to be a delivery manager at FutureGov — helping individuals, teams and organisations to deliver change by creating the conditions for us to succeed.
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Two council staff member prototype ideas on paper.

Product design and the climate emergency

The product team discusses how to create sustainable product practices more tangible in public services.
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Two FutureGovers donate extra food to the homeless

Comms, marketing and the climate: it’s about more than swag

Asking questions and sharing stories on the climate emergency, because if you don't talk about it, it doesn't exist.

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FutureGovers using an online collaboration tool, Miro.

Service Design for the climate emergency

The Service Design team has begun defining what responding to a climate and ecological emergency means for our practice.

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A piece of paper covered in postit notes, by a selection of felt tip pens.

Beyond Post-it notes: an operations team response to climate

The Operations team (office management, HR, resourcing and finance) has been thinking of ways we could play our part in the company’s response to the climate emergency.

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