Making design research work remotely

Responding to the daily changes to UK government guidance is teaching us to learn and adapt so we can continue to deliver work in the coming months.
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Model for Responding, Recovering and Reimagining

Reimagining our public institutions for radical COVID recovery

We have within our grasp, the opportunity for true radicalism in rethinking our public institutions right now. A limited window to reimagine the systems and structures, of how they’re organised and our ways of working, to shape future economic, social and political structures.
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A sign at a train station provide Covid-19 safety advice

How can we innovate and collaborate to accelerate COVID-19 recovery?

COVID-19 an opportunity to reimagine public sector delivery, recognise areas for improvement and help us meet the urgent needs of our residents and communities.
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FG Sprint1 Screenshot

Evolving design practice through the pandemic

The service design team discusses how their work has evolved over the last six months to meet changing needs in our communities.
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