The Future Gov team using a whiteboard to collaborate

Service designers: stop dreaming, start implementing

Of course, being a dreamer is good — as a service designer, you have to be able to imagine what could be, think outside all of the boxes and create inspiring visions for future experiences.
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FutureGovers stick post-it notes to a window in a planning session.

LocalGov Patterns

Today we’ve launched LocalGov Patterns, a project to build a shared library of service patterns for local government.
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Service modelling

If a business model is how an organisation operates, then a service model is how we shape and align design decisions to ensure consistency and quality as we build, pilot, and scale whole services.

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A FutureGover writes on coloured paper on a whiteboard.

Two sides of service design

Let's talk through the stages, project phases and mindsets of the service design process.

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FutureGovers stick post-it notes to a window in a planning session.

How to prioritise your services

Once you’ve started to understand the services that your organisation delivers, the next step to take is to think about how to prioritise which of these services to work on.

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A FutureGover making notes on an existing service.

Doing research that makes a difference

We’re flying the flag for what it means to do research well. Research that helps inform decisions and contributes to transformational change.
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An older person looks out of the window at home.

Designing services with life events

Life events are a different way of organising how services work. They’re a way that user journeys, tasks and different types of interactions can be joined up, including journeys and interactions that sit across different partners and organisations.
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A wall covered in post it notes.

How to use service patterns

Service pattern libraries have the potential to be used as a different type of design system, and as a useful resource for teams to work with and collaborate from.

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A FutureGover makes notes during an interview with a resident.

Five ground rules for synthesis sessions

Workshop sessions that conduct user research to help identify valuable insights and make iterative progress in designing an experiential service.

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Post it notes planning a customer journey.

Understanding your services

Understanding your services is the first step towards improving or transforming them, as well as supporting a service-oriented approach to organisation design.

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A group in Kingston work around a board of post it notes.

Building design capability and delivery at pace

The purpose to build capability is increasingly at odds as we push for delivery at the same pace and to the same deadline.
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A piece of paper split into eight, with rapid ideas drawn in each section

A guide to different types of prototyping

Prototyping can be used to test policies, content, services, products, organisational structures and technology tools.
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