Britt Wood

The power of community to create change

I'm always thinking about the power of communities and groups to make a change, which feeds into my life outside work.
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Susan Murphy

International Women’s Day - celebration without action isn't enough

We believe in building a more inclusive world by having a diverse organisation.
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Claire Hazelgrove

Being a change practitioner in a year of constant changes

Community engagement can impact and drive change in people and politics.
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Sneh Jani-Patel

The seeds of light and hope

At Bread and Roses, we work with women from refugee backgrounds and run training programmes centred around floristry, English language training and signposting.
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Konalee La Spina

Be your authentic self

Konalee La Spina has written about joining FutureGov, working remotely and delivering work that makes the world a better place.
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Anna Inman

Being a situational leader

Anna Inman has written about situational leadership and the strong, inspirational females in her life.
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Harriet Pugh

Running the world to meet people’s needs

For me, keeping motivated and focused is about going back to purpose. How will my work change people’s lives?
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Candice Charles

Be fierce, be bold and hold your head up

In the working world, we go through the motions so quickly and we’re so used to our rituals, but the last year has taught everyone that things can change in a second.
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Lily Dart

Inclusive teams and inclusive design

I want to create better career experiences for everyone, but particularly for people who are part of minoritised groups.

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Being a servant leader

When it comes to leadership, I identify with the element of delivery management that's about servant leadership.

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Jen Byrne

Believe in yourself and take your time

I had the confidence in the value of my voice and my experience, which you need when you demonstrate and prove your worth to clients every day.

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