“I want my team to be known for excellence. But more importantly, I want them to be happy. I'm a situational leader, I will lead in lots of different ways.

I’m comfortable making decisions, but most of the time, what I want people in my team to feel is that they can come as they are, and I will try to use their individual strengths, so we can all succeed.

I don't like to impose things on people. I think maybe in the past I've acted in that way because I felt that that's how it's had to be. Here, what we want to do is get the best out of everybody. And that's what I do, that's how I work.

I come from a long line of strong female characters but the woman who's inspired me the most really was my grandmother, who was a Sergeant in the Royal Air Force in WW2.

All of her brothers joined up and her sister was a nurse. She wanted to have that sense of purpose and do something exciting and different, I think she saw that as a way of being able to go and be free. So she, like many, fudged the truth about her qualifications, so she could join up and do her bit.

She was my inspiration but I think my daughter Etta, is my motivation. I don’t want her to experience or feel any of the things that I and other women have had to go through over the years.

I want her to grow up in an environment where there’s no question about her skill. I'm always telling her that she needs to push herself forward and that, she shouldn't be afraid of doing things that other people want to do.

And so she's my motivation, I keep going and I keep trying to show her the best I can. I want her to not have to work four times as hard to get where she wants to get as a woman. And if I can model one-fifth of the behaviours, strengths and character she'll have when she's an adult, then I'll have done my job.”

Anna Inman is a Client Director at FutureGov and joined in June 2019.

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