I’m motivated by doing good work that has a positive impact.

My background is in consulting, and what inspired me to join FutureGov was the work makes a difference. Helping a social worker save time on administration so they can spend more face time with their client, or helping someone with a disability better navigate the council services on offer to them. I think back to that on every project - how can we help people as much as possible?

I'm motivated by teamwork and hopefully energising those around me to think creatively and collaborate. I'm always thinking about the power of communities and groups to make a change, which feeds into my life outside work. I try to support local businesses and believe in thinking globally and the big picture, but acting locally.

My family is based in Australia, so my local community, my friends and my very supportive wife have been my family for the last 12 months. We introduced ourselves to our neighbours early on during the COVID crisis, and now we check in on each other regularly, sometimes with a slice of banana bread or leftover dinner. Knowing the locals, from the coffee shop to the greengrocer, has helped foster a sense of community and that we’re all in this together.

I’ve always been passionate about good health and wellbeing, though with working remotely I’ve found the work/rest lines blurring. Scheduling daily exercise, getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air is so important to be able to think clearly, be energised and stay motivated.

COVID has taught me that we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. Despite lots of uncertainty, we’re all doing our best and it's important not to be too hard on yourself or those around you.

Britt Wood is Principal Consultant at FutureGov and joined in December 2017.

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