It’s been another big, monumental year for FutureGov: we celebrated turning 10, began some of our biggest work to date, opened a new studio in Sheffield, expanded the FutureGov family and moved our London studio to London Bridge…phew!

Our aim continues to be making a real difference, designing public services for the 21st century and transforming organisations to make an even bigger impact. Across the UK and abroad, we’ve been helping people think differently and supporting them to act.

I’m really impressed with how you’ve taken a vague idea into a fully formed concept and engaged so many people in the process.

Council Director of Planning

We want to say a big thanks to the people and organisations who helped us reach further in 2018: in particular as transformation partners with Essex County Council, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and Homes England, with Hackney and North East Lincolnshire councils, Bloomberg Philanthropies and Public Health England. A big thanks in addition to the many housing associations, charities and healthcare providers we’ve supported to transform their organisations and design better end to end services.

Making change happen

It is a privilege to work alongside the talented and dedicated people in public services. It can be tough work trying to make change happen, but there are always beautiful, light-bulb moments.

You know change is happening when…

Social workers shout and clap with happiness in a test session for your digital product for child protection
The mayor of Helsinki gets his hands dirty and gets involved in ethnography with his own citizens
A central government agency whoops and hollers during a spontaneous game of Paper, Scissors, Stone
When your Letters Hack event goes viral on #localgov Twitter, is picked up by councils across the country and calls for a global event (coming next year)
Half of county hall turns up for a mid-project show and tell, taking over the entire atrium in the process, flash mob style

2018 by the numbers

Together, we flew past our goals for this year, working with over 80 partners and councils on 133 projects, with £8 million in revenue.

Our office managers booked 1,150 trains, not including the any expensed trains by the team
We purchased 2,700 sharpies. Standing end-to-end, they would be about as tall as the Empire State Building (not including the radio antenna)
450,000 Post-its were used, which is roughly the distance from London Bridge to Essex County
Coffee was mentioned in Slack 365 times, over twice as many as last year

What does the future look like?

This year, we’ve reached even further and done even more great work. And we’re only getting started.

In 2019, we’ll continue to grow our impact by transforming public services for citizens and expand our work in health as a leading change agency. We’ll be publishing our full 2018 impact report in January — please keep an eye out for this.

People have stopped worrying about questioning things. You’ve given us permission to try new things and it’s wonderful!

Council team

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year

Every single year is exciting for FutureGov. We’re always proud to see what we’ve achieved with the organisations we work with and we’re always looking forward to what’s coming next. We’ve got bold ambitions and 2019 is sure to be an even more momentous year.

We want to thank everyone in our team, and every individual we’ve worked with, who helped make our 10th year so incredibly awesome.

See you in the Happy New Year!

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