2017 has been a year all about growth for FutureGov. The team has grown both in the UK and Australia. We’ve expanded to have a presence in Germany and Italy. And we’ve set up Futures Academy, to build the public sector’s capacity to lead the design and delivery of 21st-century services for a digital age.

As always, our focus has been on making a real difference for the people we work with and help deliver services for. Here’s a bit of what our work has equated to over the last year.

TLDR; Lot’s of big numbers. Some interesting facts. It’s been a very, busy year.

2017 in numbers

47 councils. 57 projects. £3 million in revenue. 147 new opportunities. Countless great client feedback. Thank you.

Current policy specialisms

Current policy specialisms

UK cities visited

28 UK cities visited

I’m absolutely delighted with the partnership we started this year and the progress made through the pilots. You’ve certainly shown everyone the art of the possible and that possibilities can come at pace. So big thanks to you and the whole team for helping bring my vision to life!

Council CEO

Sharpies bought

Put end-to-end that’s about 50m, or the size of a space shuttle

Train miles travelled

Train miles travelled not including Dom’s travel because he needs his own rocket to Mars

Post-it’s used

41500 Post-it's used. That’s approximately 23,000 square metres, or enough to fully cover the Vatican Square.

We funded this work from a capital budget to show colleagues the value of user-centred design and adopting an Agile approach. You’ve certainly achieved that.

Council Head of Digital

In terms of impact*

*we prototyped our new impact measurement approach on 11 completed projects across 7 clients and 3 of our digital products during April — July 2017.

The focus of these projects was around service design and where the benefit to end users was more direct.

While across the year as a whole we have reached over 1m service users, for this period specifically…

End service users reached April — July 2017

FutureGov client projects and products statistics graph

People helped by different levels of need April — July 2017

People Future Gov have helped

It’s brilliant that you’ve given the team a clear benefit from the redesigned induction meeting — and the proposal you’ve provided gives not so much a list of digital products as a service improvement plan.

Council Director

Most importantly…

Number of times coffee was mentioned in Slack

177 times coffee was mentioned on Slack not including the 3500 in-house coffees made (estimate based on amount of coffee beans bought

Merry Christmas one and all

2018 is set to be an exciting 10th year for FutureGov. With bigger projects and bolder ambitions.

We want to thank everyone who’s worked with us and helped make this year so awesome. It’s up to us all to make sure that the reasons that spur us on, make a real difference to the way they live and work, continues to reach more and more people.

Now let’s put the ‘out of office’ message on our emails, enjoy the Christmas movies (that definitely includes Die Hard btw) and have a well-deserved rest.

Here’s to a Happy New Year!

2017 NYE firework celebration

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